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After thoroughly reviewing the Equine Canada (EC) proposed Bylaw changes, the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF), its Board of Directors and a majority of other Provincial Organizations have unanimously decided to vote against these proposed changes.

Why? As of today:

  • As an AEF Member YOU ARE automatically a member of Equine Canada;
  • YOU currently have a right to vote with Equine Canada and elect directors onto the board of Equine Canada; thus ensuring provincial representation at national level;
  • YOU have a right to vote to endorse the Bylaws of Equine Canada;
  • YOU must contribute financially to Equine Canada: 10 % of your AEF Provincial membership fee is sent to Equine Canada.

If the Equine Canada proposed bylaws are passed by the membership in Canada:

  • You will NO LONGER be a member of Equine Canada (only Sport License holders shall vote);
  • You will NO LONGER have the right to vote for provincial representation on the Equine Canada Board or vote to endorse any future Bylaws or changes (nor will the AEF);
  • You will be required to continue contributing financially to Equine Canada: 10% of your AEF provincial membership fee will be sent to Equine Canada.

This proposed article goes against the agreement signed between the provincial and territorial organizations and Equine Canada in 2011.

The AEF, as a Provincial Association (P/TA) member of Equine Canada, and the AEF Board of Directors believes it is our job to be transparent to our membership and explain the proposed changes and the effect it will have on you and your member benefits.

Under the EC proposed Bylaw changes, members will no longer have a voice in the future unless they are a sport license holder; the AEF will carry members’ votes (however the proposed changes include P/TA’s as a minority group).  In other words, members will become second class of both the AEF and EC.

The AEF and its Board of Directors does not have a right to tell members how to vote, but the AEF does have the responsibility to be transparent and ensure members are informed of significant changes that will affect them.

AEF-voteAs a member of the Alberta Equestrian Federation and a member of Equine Canada, you have the right to vote.

The floor is yours, it’s urgent!

The voting period has begun, members have from February 11 to 26, 2015 to cast their vote. Click this link and exercise your right today, before it’s too late.

For questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-463-6233 or contact Les Oakes, AEF President.


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BMO Alberta Equestrian Federation MasterCard offer

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BMO-Alberta-Equestrian-webApply for a BMO®† Alberta Equestrian Federation AIR MILES® MasterCard®* by August 31, 2014 and earn 400 Bonus AIR MILES reward miles after your first card purchase.That’s enough for 4 movie tickets, popcorn & more! Plus, every time you use your card to make a purchase, a payment is made to AEF from BMO Bank of Montreal to support the growth of equestrian sport, recreation and industry in Alberta, at no additional cost to you.



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Be part of Team Alberta for the CIEC!

CEC_CMYK_engThe 2014 Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships (CIEC) will be held in Blainville, QC,  October 3-5 2014. The AEF is very excited to be sending Team Alberta to Blainville in the Fall to compete in the disciplines of Jumping, Reining and Dressage.

If you are interested in being considered for the Team Alberta selection process, there are several documents that are required to be submitted to the AEF ** Please note submission deadlines are rapidly approaching **


For more information regarding the event,  visit the official CIEC website or contact Sophie Beaufils at

Please spread the word  to any rider or coach that would be interested in participating this year! Also note that the submission deadline for the Declaration of Intent is June 30.