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2014 EC/NCCP Coaching Awards

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The Alberta Equestrian Federation would like to thank its membership for participating in the 2014 EC/NCCP Coaching Awards!

We have received many nominations for some fantastic Equine Canada/NCCP Certified Instructor/Coaches in our province for the following categories: Coach Developer Award for Program Development, Coach Developer for Program Delivery, Community Coach of the Year, Competition Coach of the Year. The below coaches have been nominated and we would like to wish them all luck!

  • Carola Friesen – Western Coach 1
  • Valerie Mckay – English Coach 1
  • Jenny Horsey-Simpson – English Competition Coach
  • Lisa Wieben – Western Coach 1
  • Rita Condon – English Coach 2
  • Ashley Bishop (Sacha) – English Competition Coach
  • Suzanne Morin – English Coach 1
  • Linda Black – Western Coach 1
  • Sandra Oxtoby – English Competition Coach
  • Trish Mrakawa – English Coach 3
  • Ruth Ratcliffe – Western Coach 2
  • Simone Fortin – English Coach 1
  • Lynda Tennessen – English IOB
  • Barb Richard – Drive Coach 1
  • Stephanie Mah – English Coach 1
  • Sheri Donner-Watson – English Coach 1
  • Karen Jarvie – English Coach 1

Final Award recipients will be announced at the 2015 Equine Canada Convention March 25-29, 2015 in Gatineau Quebec.


Author: Alberta Equestrian Federation

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) was established in 1978 as a non-profit organization to support equestrian sport and recreational activities within the province of Alberta. AEF programs and services cover a wide range of equestrian activities for beginners to experts in a multitude of disciplines. Services range from the provision of reasonable cost insurance for all members to services in the areas of recreation, sport, education, breeds and industry. The federation provides provincial support and administration for the National English, Western, and Driving Coach Certification Programs and the English and Western Rider Development programs. It established and supports the Wild Rose competitions program across the province. It is dedicated to the well-being of equines. We are the only equestrian body recognized by Alberta Sport Connection (formerly known as Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation), thereby providing us with a voice within the Alberta Government.

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