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Alberta Animal Health Source Website Goes Live


The Alberta Animal Health Source is the new ABVMA public micro-site. It is intended to serve as an online resource for pet owners, equine enthusiasts, and livestock producers in Alberta and around the world. 

The site will support and enhance the association’s social media presence. ABVMA advisory committee members are encouraged to provide content for the site, which is continually expanding and evolving.

The primary objective of The Alberta Animal Health Source is to provide trusted, reliable, veterinarian-approved information for animal lovers. Featured topics include: Antimicrobial Resistance, Professional Animal Dentistry, Transborder Rescues, Careers in Veterinary Medicine, Equine Infectious Anemia and Wild Horses. 


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Equine Canada Health Advisory: Biosecurity Update on EHM in Ontario

Health Alert

Ottawa, ON, Feb 27, 2015 – Horses have tested positive for vesicular stomatitis (VS) in the state of Arizona. Vesicular Stomatitis is a reportable disease as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), meaning that horse owners must immediately report the presence of any horse suspected of being affected by the disease. The disease causes blister-like lesions to be formed on the inside of the mouth, nose and hooves, alongside flu-like symptoms and anorexia.

As a result of the outbreaks in Arizona, the CFIA has issued the following amendments to import and export policies for horses travelling from the United States to Canada, effective immediately until further notice:

  1. A)   the importation of horses from the State of Arizona for all end-uses will be prohibited effective immediately (except for Canadian horses returning from Arizona (please see below), and;
  2. B)   for horses coming from the US, for all end-uses, from all other states, the following requirement applies:

During the previous twenty-one (21) days, the animal(s) in this shipment has/have not been in the states of Arizona.

For Canadian horses returning to Canada only:

Canadian horses will be able to enter Canada after a stay in Arizona with an import permit, testing and the following additional certification:

The animal(s) were inspected by a veterinarian within fifteen (15) days preceding the date of importation;

The animals(s) have not been on a premises where Vesicular Stomatitis (clinical or serology) has occurred during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation to Canada, nor has this disease occurred on any adjoining premises during the same period of time.

The animals must have tested negative to Vesicular Stomatitis using a cELISA test, during the fifteen (15) days prior to the date of importation into Canada.

The alternative option for Canadian horses returning is that they be moved to another state, stay there for at least 21 days and meet the following requirement:

During the previous twenty-one (21) days, the animal(s) in this shipment has/have not been in the states of Arizona.

For Canadian Horses going to and returning from the United States:

Horse owners should be advised of the current outbreak in Arizona, and it should be recommended that they avoid going to this state.

Note: Various US states may also prohibit movement into the state without permit/certification/testing/post-entry testing. The Canadian horse owner should check state requirements before movement.

Update on Colorado VS Outbreak:

The United States has advised the CFIA that the VS outbreak in Colorado has been resolved. In response, the CFIA has lifted all VS-related restrictions that had been applied on Colorado. The CFIA also lifted VS restrictions for the states of Texas and Nebraska. No cases of VS have been suspected in Canada.

Import conditions in AIRS have been adjusted accordingly:

Further information on vesicular stomatitis, including its clinical signs and transmission, can be found in the CFIA Vesicular Stomatitis Fact Sheet.

News release from Equine Canada

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2014 EC/NCCP Coaching Awards


The Alberta Equestrian Federation would like to thank its membership for participating in the 2014 EC/NCCP Coaching Awards!

We have received many nominations for some fantastic Equine Canada/NCCP Certified Instructor/Coaches in our province for the following categories: Coach Developer Award for Program Development, Coach Developer for Program Delivery, Community Coach of the Year, Competition Coach of the Year. The below coaches have been nominated and we would like to wish them all luck!

  • Carola Friesen – Western Coach 1
  • Valerie Mckay – English Coach 1
  • Jenny Horsey-Simpson – English Competition Coach
  • Lisa Wieben – Western Coach 1
  • Rita Condon – English Coach 2
  • Ashley Bishop (Sacha) – English Competition Coach
  • Suzanne Morin – English Coach 1
  • Linda Black – Western Coach 1
  • Sandra Oxtoby – English Competition Coach
  • Trish Mrakawa – English Coach 3
  • Ruth Ratcliffe – Western Coach 2
  • Simone Fortin – English Coach 1
  • Lynda Tennessen – English IOB
  • Barb Richard – Drive Coach 1
  • Stephanie Mah – English Coach 1
  • Sheri Donner-Watson – English Coach 1
  • Karen Jarvie – English Coach 1

Final Award recipients will be announced at the 2015 Equine Canada Convention March 25-29, 2015 in Gatineau Quebec.